2018 Tariffs

Beginning July 6th 2018, the United States Government implemented additional tariffs aimed at various products imported from China. We are now feeling the impact of these tariffs on many of our products and supplies, here is the most current information we have gathered from what we have seen on our material invoices, as well as feedback from leaders in our industry.  The majority of products we use are American made, however our cost for goods is inflating at the same rate.

  1. 25% Tariffs have been imposed on most machines, materials related to the hydraulic industry and some accessories coming from China.
  2. We have also been hit with numerous price increases for material costs that have gone up around the world and therefore our actual cost increase is much higher than the 25% tarrif.
  3. Price increases on many of the affected products went into effect starting July 6th.
  4. If and when the tariffs are rescinded, we will reduce prices on the affected items once stock brought in under the tariff is relieved.