Whether you're a full-time smith or a hobbyist, we have a press for you.


16 Ton Press

Our 16 ton hydraulic forging press is a match made in heaven for the home user. Giving you the ability to forge massive bars of steel effortlessly, all while running on 110 volt power.

16 Ton Forging Press & Tooling >

Upgraded 16 ton

16 tons at high-speed! Great for drawing out billets and getting a punch in and out of a hot bar. Our fastest press!

16 Ton Upgraded & Tooling >

25 ton press

25 tons of raw power. Our larger presses are for the full-time smith, giving you the ability to never say no to a job. With the right tooling, you can do just about anything with this beast. 

25 Ton Forging Press & Tooling >


50 tons spread over three sets of dies allowing for extremely fast multi-stage forging. *Hammer, axe and tool makers take note!*

50 Ton Forging Press & Tooling >