From hydraulic presses to ten foot sculptures.

"The Dance" - 

Over the course of 10 months, Nathanael forged 1800 pounds of steel later  pouring over a hundred pounds of copper into the cavity he left between the two massive bars of shaped steel. As the piece weathers. The copper and steel oxidize, leaving a beautiful but ever-changing patina.



the one legged chair

Forged from a single bar of heavy steel. This chair punctures an eighty pound block of steel plate. The wooden boards that sit atop it are seventy-year-old floor boards from an Indiana barn, carved by hand to conform to the shape of it's possessor. Created for the Indy Furniture Challenge 2016


The Fire Table

A clean-burning ethanol burner is recessed into a thick layer of mirrored-glass shards, the flames dancing on the facets. This is surrounded by raw cut slate and encased with blued steel framing.

Custom Forged Parts & Pieces

We provide fabrication and blacksmith shops with our custom railing components. From small quantities to 10,000+! 

Custom Front Desk & Brass Shelving

All steel front cash wrap with multicolor LED's and brass lettering. Seamless push-button doors on the backside. Adjustable brass shelving.