50 Ton

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50 Ton


DUE TO TARIFF PRICING WE ARE HALTING FURTHER ORDERS ON OUR STANDARD 50 TON UNITS. Please see our Custom Machine page to inquire with us about building a similar machine.

Our largest production offering. Customize to suit your needs!

50 Ton Specs:

  • Dual 5" Cylinders

  • 3 die sets wide - 20"

  • 8” stroke, 11” “Daylight”

  • 10HP 220V 1PH

  • 22 GPM 2-stage

  • 25 Gallon Reservoir

  • Moveable Treadle Stand with Power Control

  • Excellent for multi-stage die work!

  • Hammer and axe makers take note!

  • FREE CUSTOM PAINT *for all presses over 50 Tons* (clear coat is available).

    Each press includes one set of full width flat dies, drawing dies and one set of blank die plates . Available with our standard Quick Change die holder or bolt-on die platens for additional tolerance control.

    Customize your machine to fit your working style - longer stroke, wider dies or anything that comes to mind!

    If you are a home user or hobbyist the 1018 Cold Rolled dies will be perfectly adequate. After some time forging they will show wear, but are easy to clean up on a grinder and get back to work. When they completely wear out, a new set is inexpensive to replace them with. If you are working hard materials, or forging regularly the H13 dies come ready to work. They resist deformation well and will give a long service life before needing dressed.

    Click HERE to add dies to your press order!

SHIPPING: We now offer FREE SHIPPING to commercial addresses in the Continental United States. Alaska, Hawaii and all countries outside the US will be contacted after purchase for freight charges.

These are very large machines and only available for freight to a commercial site with a dock or forklift. Free pickup from our facility in Anderson, IN is available. We can load your truck or trailer. Customer is welcome to set up shipping and we will load for free.

Ships in: December

If you purchase now your machine will ship in December. When 10 spots have been filled, orders for January will open. If you have any questions please email us at Custom@coaliron.com.

6 Month Special Financing Available. Click here!

Die Holder:
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Return Policy:

Hydraulic machinery and tooling are all built to order. We do not offer refunds on any of our equipment for this reason. Repair and replacement are at our sole discretion. Coal Ironworks warranties fabricated components for one year beyond purchase date. Hydraulic components are warrantied by their respective manufacturers. All machines come with lifetime support and assistance with any issues you may have.