Blank Dies


Blank Dies

from 150.00

Blank die plate set. Used to make your own dies or to use with loose tooling. PLEASE NOTE: Dies do not contact one another on our standard presses. There is room to accept tooling without sacrificing hydraulic stroke length.

Dimensions are .5"H x 6" L. Width varies with style of press. Made of 1018 Cold Rolled Steel. 

Select Yes if you are purchasing alongside one of our forging presses. Blank dies come milled to fit your machine. 

These are the only dies currently available after press purchase. Please Contact Us if you have any questions!

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Return Policy:

Hydraulic machinery and tooling are all built to order. We do not offer refunds on any of our equipment for this reason. Repair and replacement are at our sole discretion. Coal Ironworks warranties fabricated components for one year beyond purchase date. Hydraulic components are warrantied by their respective manufacturers. All machines come with lifetime support and assistance with any issues you may have.