2018 has been a huge year for us here at Coal Ironworks! We have seen a massive surge in interest in our machines and to better serve our past, current and future customers our prices have increased. This allows us to keep our customer service top notch, speed up our manufacturing and ensures growth of our company. Yes, the tariffs did increase our steel costs too, but this was a planned increase based on keeping our quality at the absolute highest level possible. The machines we are sending out today are absolutely the best offering we can produce as a company and as passionate makers, infatuated with giving you a high quality experience from the first interaction to the time your machine has landed in your workshop. Click here to see our finest forging presses!


2018 has seen changes to our scheduling system as well! Orders placed in May and after will be affected by the new system. Due to a surge of visitors, orders and inquiries we are now opening 10 spots per month for machine shipments. As one month fills the next month of 10 shipments open. Our pages are kept up-to-date with the latest shipping information.